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At Brookfield Dental Associates, we emphasize good oral hygiene as part of obtaining a bright and healthy smile. It’s possible for everyone to practice good home care, and to protect themselves from decay. Caring for your teeth regularly is important to protect them for lifetime use. We offer the following tips to improve oral health and reduce the effects of decay and gum disease. 

Change up Your Diet

It’s important to have a balanced diet for many reasons, including oral health. Vegetables and fruit help fight gum disease with antioxidants, curbing bacterial growth; also drinking plenty of water will help your teeth stay hydrated. Reduce or cut out sugary drinks, including sweet coffee drinks, sport beverages, and sodas. Candies and desserts should be a rare treat for both children and adults, and especially not eaten before bedtime, which is when bacteria can feed off leftover particles. All in all, you should strive to eat healthy and take care of your whole body, which will help the smile also. 

Brush and Floss Regularly

The guidelines are simple: brush twice daily, and floss at least once. But it can be difficult to maintain this standard because everyone is busy. With any habit, the key is to set apart time and make it as easy as possible to complete. Introduce brushing right before bed and right when you get up. It may help some to brush their teeth in the shower, reducing the steps to get ready. Flossing is best done right after brushing, and if done before bed you will free the smile from leftover food. Use different products to make this time easier, including electric toothbrushes or floss sticks. 

Switch to Sugar-Free Gum 

If you’re already chewing gum, switching to sugar-free can significantly improve your oral health. The extra sugar from this gum transfers to teeth and feeds bacteria. Switching to sugar-free gum offers the satisfaction of gum without the detrimental effects. Some studies show that chewing dentist-approved gum can free food that’s stuck in teeth, helping support improved oral health. 

Visit Your Dentist

The most crucial part of oral health is visiting the dentist. They will be able to diagnose developing dental problems, and help steer your oral health in a positive direction. Springfield dentist, Dr. Ameena Chimata provides custom treatment plans and gentle procedures to patients for improved oral health and full use of the smile. For comprehensive care, call us today
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